Make a Stylish Coffee Table With an Old Barrel

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In a tutorial on, user cmatthews13 created a brand new coffee table with a halved barrel, a few pieces of wood, a piano hinge and a can-do attitude.

Step 1: Necessary Supplies

Locate a barrel and find someone who will chop it in half for you. Next, sand it down and apply a stain or bronze as needed to tone the wood.

Step 2: The Bottom

Create the supporting arches for the table legs using half-circle measurements taken from the barrel half. cmatthews13 referenced a Youtube video for following the trickier parts of this stage in the project

Step 3: The Top

Source, measure and cut out a rectangle of wood to attach to the top of the table.

Step 4: Assembly

Flip the barrel halved side down and place the supporting legs in their appropriate positions, adding marks to indicate where you will drill in screws after you flip the barrel back over. For his example, cmatthews13 added a piano hinge to the back of his tabletop wood to use the inside of the barrel for storage space.

Check out the full story on Little Things and share with a friend who might want to try this DIY!

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