Discarded Wood Becomes Works of Art

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Have you ever been hiking or camping in the woods?  You’ve probably seen dozens of pieces of sticks, logs, and dead wood lying around without ever really noticing.

But if you’re a creative artist like Jason Waldron, seeing the most mundane things are potential new works of art.

Jason lives in Central Oregon which is where he finds most of his pieces of wood and even scraps of metal. His wooden sculptures reflect a deep appreciation for human nature and nature.

His combining of scraps of metal with bits of wood are intricately assembled and are truly breathtaking, not to mention eco-friendly.

See below for his amazing sculptures. And next time you’re on a walk in the woods, you may view that rotted out log a little differently.

[H/T: My Modern Met]

Jason finds most of his material in recycling centers, junk yards, and out in nature near his Central Oregon home.

He oftentimes goes looking for materials with his wife and dog while foraging through the forests.

14 years ago, he happened upon a wood-carving demonstration and fell in love. He quit his job and has been creating art sculptures ever since.

Over the years, his style has changed. In the past he would carve a solid piece of wood; now he builds sculptures out of a number of smaller components. However, most are left in their natural state.

Whether it’s horses or birds, the metal scraps and driftwood seem to embody a majestic spirit.

Facebook / Waldron 3D

Facebook / Waldron 3D

Jason’s ability to transform scraps of metal and rotten wood into moving works of art is a metaphor for the personal and spiritual transformation we undergo ourselves.

His lively wooden sculptures are a way to unite his audience and create a dialogue in the community.

He uses a variety of different wood species each creating unique stories about their natural habitat.

While he sometimes uses sticks and branches, he occasionally stumbles upon a beautiful piece of gnarled wood.

A true artist is always able to see the potential and beauty in ordinary things!

To assist with his sculpture, Jason uses actual photos of animals to guide him along.

The weathered, rugged look displayed on each piece adds to the uniqueness of the sculpture.

Many of Jason’s stunning sculptures are five feet tall by five feet wide. How incredible to hang on your wall!

Jason’s inspirational work is a reminder that beauty surrounds us no matter how bleak the situation looks; and that on a personal level we can all break bad habits and apathy while transforming ourselves for the better.

To see more of his work, including some videos of his process, check out his website and his Facebook page.

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