Pizza Lovers Rejoice! DIY Outdoor Pizza Oven

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Ever dreamed of enjoying fresh wood fire cooked pizzas in the comfort of your own backyard? Imgur user joshymg1981 did. Rather than spend $30,000 to hire a professional contractor or even buy a kit, he decided to built it himself from scratch.

Using fire bricks, ceramic insulation, metal lathe, stucco, and paint, in 12 weeks he had his dream pizza oven and grill – just in time for summer parties with the neighbors and the kids!

Read on to learn how he cleverly constructed his new oven.

First he picked up some fire bricks on Craigslist and hauled them home.

Then he set about laying the foundation. It took 25 bags of concrete mixed one by one in a borrowed portable mixer. He tied the rebar together in a grid pattern with 2×6 form boards.

A first timer at doing masonry, he laid out the bricks and built up the walls from the ground up.

The blocks are now installed with mortar. Notice the column in the center to help support the oven. Not bad for a first-timer!

Next up: concrete to fill the block voids (which is also called grouting).  It took 30 80lb bags!

Now it’s time for the countertop form which included double layer of cement board for support, rebar, and 2×6 boards to form it out.

Cured and looking good.

Next he created the oven by placing red bricks around a test structure to curve the roof, staggering the bricks to improve the oven’s durability and aesthetic.

Then he stacked the bricks to create the chimney and laid a red brick outer border.

While he was working on insulating the oven, he made use of the grill portion of the project.

Then he had to properly seal the oven by decking the entire structure in ceramic insulation. After, he covered it in metal lathe and stucco.

After the stucco dried thoroughly, it created a heat barrier, which allows the pizza oven to reach extremely high temperatures.

The stucco was allowed to sit for a month to ensure it dried properly and proved durable. Slowly, the craftsman began building small fires inside the oven to acclimate the materials to the high heat.

Sealing off the oven cavity, the DIY-er fashioned a metal door and drilled on a thermometer for future chefs.

To complete the project, he painted the oven white.

Since completing his masterpiece, the creator has enjoyed throwing his daughter a pizza-making birthday party, cooking all 12 of her friends’ pizzas in under 20 minutes.

This builder used his own skills to turn his dream pizza oven into a reality.

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