The Fool-Proof Way to Keeping Your Succulents Looking Awesome

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Ah succulents. Perhaps the absolute best plant to have around the house—minimal attention needed and effortless beauty all year round. Nonetheless, even the most skilled gardeners can find their succulents losing some luster. If you’re anything like me, you hate to see your favorite succulents start to wilt or just stop growing as quickly. Luckily, there are some very easy ways to preserve your succulents and ensure they stay as gorgeous as you are for as long as possible.


Photo: / MrBrownThumb

First, you have to determine whether your succulent needs some love. The tell-tale sign is when the plant begins to etiolate, which is just a fancy word for when the leaves get smaller and farther apart along the stem due to a lack of light. The picture below, from instructables user MrBrownThumb, demonstrates what an etiolating succulent looks like. If you don’t give your succulent some love at that point, you could end up losing it for good! Follow the steps below to avoid this!


Photo: / MrBrownThumb

1) Snip off the top of the succulent and place it into a new pot.

It’s really that simple—take kitchen scissors or a sharp knife and make a clean cut of the succulent, placing it into the dirt. From there, a new plant will take root—and make sure it gets plenty of light.

2) Also, you can cut off the leaves of the succulent and propagate new plants from that those leaves. To do this, start by choosing leaves that are farther down the stem and that aren’t particularly damaged.


Photo: / not_tasha2

3) Once you snip the leaves, allow them to dry for a day or two so that they become calloused. You don’t want them to be overly wet which can cause succulents to rot.

4) After they have dried out a bit, you simple have to place them flat on the surface of some new potting soil and water lightly, and wait. Within a few days to a week, they should begin to sprout small roots and eventually a new plant will begin!


Photo: / not_tasha2

You’ll be on your way to succulent glory in no time—and you won’t have to pick up new ones at the store nearly as often. Have you ever tried your hand at propagating succulents? Let us know how it went for you in the comments below–we love to hear your stories!



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