Turn An Old Sewing Table Into A Functional Drink Station

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DIY blogger and home decorator Linda Terry turned her old sewing machine into a functional and adorable drink station. Instead of letting it sit and collect dust, Linda took the sewing machine to a new level using her crafty DIY skills. Read on to see how she turned an unremarkable piece into a custom treasure with slight tweaking to the interior and a paint job.

[H/T: Hometalk]

The sewing machine table already had a sunken in area where the machine would go. She started by gutting the machine of its old hardware and mechanisms.

She wiped down the whole piece with a slightly damp cloth removing dust and dirt, then again with a tack cloth removing any remaining dust. Then she sprayed it down with two coats of Rustoleum primer.

Then she sprayed it with two coats of primer.

After that dried, she sprayed three coats of peacock blue paint.

After the paint dried, she tried a few sizes of plastic bins to find one that fit snuggly.

The bin can now hold ice and drinks and can also be easily removed without damaging the furniture.

The table is sturdy enough to hold several glasses and pitchers.

Perfect for hosting summer parties and get togethers! When that party ends, the bin can be removed and washed, and the table can fold up.

If you’d like more DIY tips, check out Linda’s blog. Please share with someone who may enjoy this DIY project.


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