Vintage Wedding Guestbook Is the Perfect Addition To Any Wedding

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Research has shown that what makes us most happy in life are fond memories, especially when shared in the intimate setting with family and friends.

A great way to remember meaningful moments of your life is to write them down to share and cherish them throughout the years; which is why if you’re having a big event, like a wedding, a guestbook is a must.

The version of the guestbook recognized by all is simply that: a book. Oftentimes, it’s a nice spiraled notebook with a cover mentioning bride and groom and the date.

But of course that’s the tried-and-true way of doing it. This rustic-inspired design, created by Instructables user belsilene, turns the regular old guestbook into a gorgeous, vintage centerpiece that is sure to make unique memories for a lifetime.

The best part of any DIY project is how easy it is to find the items. You can find all items below at your local home improvement store and customize the project as you see fit.

Check out the amazing DIY project below and get some inspiration!

[H/T: Instructables]

First, she gathered up her materials:

  • – An unpainted wooden box with glass lid. You can find one in your craft store.
  • – Walnut stain or any stain for woods found at your local home improvement store.
  • – Paint in the color you want, preferably clear.
  • – Chicken wire (purchased at local home improvement store).
  • – Adhesive felt for the bottom of the box.

As for the tools: medium grain sandpaper, scissors or pliers to cut the chicken wire, brush, screwdriver, permanent marker, a stapler and a blade.

Next, she removed the hinges.

…and don’t forget the glass!

She set aside the hinges and glass as she will need it later.

Now that she dismantled the box, it was time to treat the wood.

She then applied a single coat of stain and let it dry.

Now it was time to apply the chicken wire. She cut a rectangle about five centimeters larger than the inside of the box.

She then marked it off with a wire and cut it using the wire snippers from the home improvement store.

While the chicken wire rested inside the box, the excess was bent up to hold it in place.

After she measured the chicken wire, it was time to start painting!

There is a reason she stained it first!

To allow the darker stain underneath to show through, she distressed the wood with sandpaper. Now that’s how you get the vintage look!

She then secured the chicken wire with staples.

Now it was time to replace the hinges and glass that were set aside.

Next, she cut some felt to size and placed it on the bottom.

She then measured the paper to the depth of the box and cut it into note cards making it sure it fit.

When her guests wrote on the paper, they simply rolled it up and placed it inside the chicken wire.

What a unique and special way to remember your wedding guests!

To personalize your vintage guestbook, you can always slide a picture under the glass.

To match the color scheme of your wedding, you can use any color you like for your vintage-inspired guestbook.

What are your thoughts on this vintage guestbook? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to SHARE this fun DIY project (especially with those who are planning a wedding)!


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